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Alana Haim Cooper Hoffman Licorice Pizza

The Cinematic Ingredients of ‘Licorice Pizza’


More like West San Fernando Valley Graffiti.

Sean Baker Color Theory

A Tangerine Dream: Colors in the Films of Sean Baker


Pretty cool when they make movies in color, huh?

Food Movies

Coffee and Arepas: How Food Defined the Oscar Movies of 2022


Okay, but why do the ‘Nightmare Alley’ eggs look so darn good?

Movie Camera Sensor Size

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: An Introduction to Movie Camera Sensor Size


Put on your “tech-talk” pants, it’s time to talk sensor size.

Twin Peaks Explained Screaming

Emotional Sense, TV Reflexivity, and Divining Sense Out of ‘Twin Peaks’


The owls are not what they seem.

Cube Automated

We All Live in the ‘Cube’ Now: The Algorithmic Hell of Automated Dystopias


The Venn Diagram between a murderous Rubik’s Cube and the YouTube algorithm is a circle.

Special Effects Dont Look Real

Why We Should Embrace Special Effects That Don’t Look Real


How’s YOUR sense of wonder?

Chungking Express Speed Effect

The Slow-Fast Effect in ‘Chungking Express’ Explained


“At the high point of our intimacy, we were just 0.01 cm from each other.”

The Lighthouse Robert Eggers

Screams and Sirens: Appreciating the Sound Design of Robert Eggers


*the persistent foghorn wails*