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The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari

A Cabinet of Curiosities: The Cultural Influence of ‘Dr. Caligari’


Expressionism’s long, spindly fingers are far-reaching, it turns out.

Summer Of Milk Carton

What ‘Summer of 84’ Gets Right About 80s Nostalgia


Hahaha, wait, where are the fun synths and cute nods to E.T.?

Rashomon Unreliable Narrators

‘Rashomon’ and the Thematic Power of Unreliable Narrators


The Woodcutter be like: Nah, it was dumber than that.

The Bear Carmy

How ‘The Bear’ Compounds Conflict Without Feeling Confusing


You know what they say: if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Jordan Peele Color Theory Filmmaking

The Color Theory of Jordan Peele


The world of Jordan Peele might be a nightmare but at least it looks stunning.

Linus Sandgren Cinematography

From ‘First Man’ to 007: The Cinematography of Linus Sandgren


Want to know more about the ‘No Time to Die’ cinematographer? Can’t say we blame you.

The Battle Of Algiers

Colonizing Chronology: The Theme of Time in ‘The Battle of Algiers’


Time marches on, as they say.

When Does A Movie End

Humor, Vibes, and Teasers: When Does a Movie “End,” Exactly?


The movie /ends/ but where and when, exactly?

Horror Insane Asylums

The Complicated History of Horror Movies and Insane Asylums


A crutch, a mainstay, an effective setting in the right hands: let’s talk about horror movie insane asylums.