The Joker

‘Joker’ Trailer Breakdown: Finding Comedy in Tragedy

Todd Phillips weaponizes Charlie Chaplin's smile.

The Other Joker Movie Starts to Show Its Hand

Todd Phillips reveals his Joker while screenwriters give an update on the Joker/Harley Quinn movie.

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Alec Baldwin to Play Batman’s Daddy in ‘Joker’

Baldwin's Thomas Wayne will be modeled after 1980s Donald Trump.

Marc Maron to Lend His Self-Effacing Humor to ‘Joker’

These laughs are guaranteed to be painful.

These Martin Scorsese Favorites Should Join Robert De Niro In ‘Joker’

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‘Deadpool 2’ Breakout Zazie Beetz Joins Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Joker’

The DC villain origin movie is lucky to have her.

Jared Leto Will Get His Joker Standalone Movie

Sometimes Warner Bros. gives us movies we want, even in an incongruent cinematic universe. This is not one of them.

Joaquin Phoenix May Be The Next Joker

Though he's been linked to other comic book villain roles in the past, this would be a big first for Phoenix.

The Joker’s Origin Story Should Explore Mental Illness

If an origins story is essentially a character study, then The Joker film should portray a more nuanced take on…