The Good Place

Binge Header The Good Place

We’ll Always Deserve ‘The Good Place’


Michael Schur’s well of high-concept soulfood is the perfect binge watch for the bad, medium, and best of times.

Chilling Hell

The Bad Places: A Tour Through Hell, As Seen in Pop Culture


Let’s visit pop culture’s finest Underworlds.

Dance Dance Resolution

‘The Good Place’ and The Ecstatic Imagination of “Dance Dance Resolution”


The show’s most memorable episode blew up its premise with joy and creativity.

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The 50 Best TV Shows of the Decade


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The Good Place Eleanor

We’re So Lucky to Exist at the Same Time as ‘The Good Place’


The NBC series is poised to bow out on a high note with a zany and creative final season.

End Of Tv

The Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Rest of 2019


It’s the end of the year. It’s also the end of the decade, but we don’t have to talk about that. Let’s talk about TV instead.

Barry Anthony Carrigan

20 TV Episodes To Watch Before the 2019 Emmys


Binge! Binge like your life and Emmy prediction bragging rights depend on it!

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The Best TV Episodes of 2018


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