Liz Baessler

Liz Baessler is a frequent contributor and infrequent columnist at Film School Rejects. She has an MA in English and a lot of time on her hands. (She/Her)
Search party season 4

‘Search Party’ Season 4 Goes Back to Its Missing Person Roots

By Liz Baessler 

The new season delivers the show’s original premise with a twist: this time everything’s real.

Best Tv Episodes

The 20 Best TV Episodes of 2020

By Liz Baessler 

The year’s finest episodes helped us find peace and acceptance, even when we thought we couldn’t.

His Dark Materials Season 2

‘His Dark Materials’ Just Might Find Its Soul Yet

By Liz Baessler 

While the second season is far from perfect, it’s miles more accessible and spirited than the first.

Truth Seekers

‘Truth Seekers’ is Scarily Underwhelming

By Liz Baessler 

The Nick Frost-led horror-comedy series has lots of potential but not much substance.

Queen's Gambit

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Makes Chess Exciting Again

By Liz Baessler 

The Netflix miniseries is fashionable, cerebral, and possibly the most fun you can have watching chess.

Soulmakes Sarah Snook

‘Soulmates’ is a High-Concept Anthology Series That Could Use a Little More Concept

By Liz Baessler 

The new AMC series has some great performances, but its what-if scenario gets old fast.


‘Ratched’ is a Stylish, Bloody, Contradictory Mess

By Liz Baessler 

The Netflix original is barely consistent with itself, much less the novel it’s based on.

Away Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Away’ is an Exciting Space Expedition Weighed Down by Earth Drama

By Liz Baessler 

Hilary Swank’s mission to Mars dwells more than it should on what she left behind.

Hitmen on Peacock

‘Hitmen’ is a Buddy Comedy with a Bloody Twist

By Liz Baessler 

The murder-for-hire series treads some familiar territory but gives its stars room to play off each other.