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Liz Baessler is a frequent contributor and infrequent columnist at Film School Rejects. She has an MA in English and a lot of time on her hands. (She/Her)
Gravity Falls Feature Image

A Show for Kids: How ‘Gravity Falls’ Got Away with Murder

By Liz Baessler 

The series buried its tragedy and encouraged its audience to uncover it every step of the way.

Best Tv Midyear

The 25 Best TV Shows of 2019 So Far

By Liz Baessler 

The year’s best shows are the funniest, the most terrifying and, unexpectedly, the most filled with love.

Good Omens Tennant and Sheen

There’s Lots to Like in ‘Good Omens’ But Tennant and Sheen Are What’s to Love

By Liz Baessler 

A faithful adaptation shines the most where it lets its two stars breathe.

The Wire Finale

The Finale of ‘The Wire’ Offers Small Moments of Hope in a Cycle of Despair

By Liz Baessler 

The show ended its run with equal parts mythology and grit.

Best Tv First Quarter

The Best TV Shows of 2019 So Far

By Liz Baessler 

This year already has a lot to offer. Here’s the best of it.

Game Of Thrones Moments

Game of Thrones: The Best Scenes by Season

By Liz Baessler 

For your inspection and discussion: the best scenes from each of the 7 seasons.

Bill Hader Barry

‘Barry’ Season 2 Is Still Darker Than You’d Expect and Amazing for It

By Liz Baessler 

Bill Hader’s hitman-turned-actor digs deeper into his past as worlds collide in the new season.

What We Do In The Shadows Show

The ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Show Is Every Bit As Entertaining As Its Namesake

By Liz Baessler 

The FX series is dark, bloody, and the funniest thing you’ll see this year.


‘Adventure Time,’ Ice King, and What It Means to Heal

By Liz Baessler 

What do you do when saving one beloved character means killing another?