Liz Baessler

Liz Baessler is a frequent contributor and infrequent columnist at Film School Rejects. She has an MA in English and a lot of time on her hands. (She/Her)
In My Skin

‘In My Skin’ Is A Messy But Affecting Coming Of Age Story

By Liz Baessler 

The BBC Three series coming to Hulu struggles with tone and pacing, but has some stellar performances.

Dark Season Martha

‘Dark’ Season 3 Pulls Off The Unthinkable: A Satisfying Ending

By Liz Baessler 

The forever-convoluted time travel drama leaves you understanding (more or less) what actually happened.


‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ Lets One of Its Finest Characters Shine

By Liz Baessler 

The structure of the episode is obvious at times, but BMO remains uniquely delightful.

Search Party Alia Shawkat

‘Search Party’ Season 3 Is a Little Less Intense, But Still Excruciatingly Funny

By Liz Baessler 

After two and a half years the show returns with the trial of the century.

Central Park Appletvplus

‘Central Park’ is a Charming, Musical Celebration of the Little Things

By Liz Baessler 

At times the Apple TV+ series feels like ‘Bob’s Burgers’ lite, but at least it’s latched onto some of its predecessor’s best qualities.

The Midnight Gospel Featured Image

‘The Midnight Gospel’ Is the Podcast for People Who Don’t Listen to Podcasts

By Liz Baessler 

(People who do are also welcome).

Binge Header Adventure Time

Binge ‘Adventure Time’ And Lose Yourself in a World of Wonder

By Liz Baessler 

The show’s magic is a warm hug that slams you in the heart when you least expect it.

Always Sunny Header

Every Episode of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Ranked

By Liz Baessler 

New and improved for all your ranking needs.

Bojack Horseman Seasonb Stage

The ‘BoJack Horseman’ Finale is Everything We Need from a Show We Never Deserved

By Liz Baessler 

BoJack’s final episodes are a complicated and exquisite send-off.