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Valley Girl Trailer Shot

Roger Neill on the Sonic Time Travel of ‘Valley Girl’


We chat with the composer about inhabiting the headspace of the characters to achieve an authentic sound.

Binge Header Battlestar Galactica

‘Battlestar Galactica’ is a Bingeable Feast Eager to Bust Your Gut


With the death of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ Ronald D. Moore needed a new canvas to splatter his socially-minded science fiction. ‘Battlestar Galactica’ should not have worked, but it damn well did.

Remakes History

Retracing Hollywood’s Fascination with the Remake


Just like the stories they rehash, remakes can be traced to the beginning of Hollywood itself.

Departed Jack

‘Infernal Affairs’ and ‘The Departed’: How to Do a Remake Right


Why pick one awesome movie when you can have both?

The Lion King

‘The Lion King’ Review: What’s the Opposite of Hakuna Matata?


When telling a story involving talking animals, booming vocals from the afterlife, and farting warthogs, maybe photo-realism shouldn’t be a goal.

Cold Pursuit

America’s ‘Cold Pursuit’ of European Action Cinema


The latest Liam Neeson revenge drama is just another entry in a long line of watered down Hollywood wannabes.

Child's Play

The Wild Trip That is the ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise


Horror franchise remakes continue to go hard with their slashers, erasing the memory of the goofy paths they often travel in their sequels.

Shrek Retold

‘Shrek Retold’ and the Magic of Positive Fandom


The shot-for-shot remake of the DreamWorks animated classic is one trippy fever dream.

Alien Nation

Jeff Nichols is Still Living in an ‘Alien Nation’


After two years banging away on the script, the ‘Midnight Special’ director is determined to deliver an “epic” remake.