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‘Twilight’ Success Drives Stake Through Remake Of ‘Near Dark’


Sure, Twilight successfully lowered the bar dramatically when it comes to the quality of bestselling fiction and film. But it also may have put a stop to an unnecessary remake, so that’s a plus.

Unnecessary Remake: Chris Rock Brings ‘Death at a Funeral’ To America


Chris Rock is writing and starring in a remake of the 2007 British comedy, Death at a Funeral. A film that came out just last year, was directed by an American (Frank Oz), had pretty good exposure here in the US, and is already in English.

Rays Liotta and Winstone are on Board for ’13 Tzameti’ Remake


Gela Bubliani has brought two bad asses on board for the remake of his 2005 thriller 13 Tzameti. Will they be able to make us forget that 50 Cent is also in it?

Two Men Who Knew Too Much


Modern film geeks seem to complain a lot about remakes. Whether they are needless, obvious commercialism for commercialism’s sake, or flat out assaulting childhoods, it’s a safe bet to rail on any film that’s been done before. Would we have felt the same way in 1956 when Alfred Hitchcock redid his own film, The Man Who Knew Too Much?