film history

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

How Current Cinema is Decoding Lesbian Stereotypes Forged by the Hays Code


Celine Sciamma’s lesbian love story made by a lesbian filmmaker is more historic than you may realize.

Lonely Oscar

The First Oscar Snubs


Oscar snubs are not new. In fact, their legacy goes all the way back to the beginning of the Academy Awards. We explore in our new column, Origin Stories.

Creature From The Black Lagoon

The Unearthed History of the Real Designer of ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon’


Milicent Patrick, the creator of the iconic Gill Man, was fired by Bud Westmore so he could steal her credit. 65 years later, Hollywood still runs on sexism.


The Real Story Behind Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’


The cat-and-mouse chase. The iconic diner scene. The epic shootout. These things actually happened.


‘You Must Remember’ This Conversation With Karina Longworth


We talk to Karina Longworth about the newest YMRT season, her upcoming book, and much more.

No Featured Image

Why Filmmakers Are So Obsessed with Cars


Cars are ubiquitous in film. Find out what makes them such great dramatic vehicles (pun intended).

A Man Sat At A Table Reading A Movies A Z Book

Everyone Should Strive to Be a Better Film Critic


Should you learn the history of the industry or focus on your skills as a writer? When it comes to film criticism, the answer to both is yes.

Nanook Of The North

Birth, Death, and Dramatization: The Invention of the Modern Documentary


Truth needs a little creativity sometimes.