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The Social Network

‘The Social Network’ Gave Us an Origin Story For Internet Toxicity


It’s almost as if David Fincher was trying to warn us…

Decade Of The Fan

The Decade of the Fan


(And The Scars It Is Going to Leave)

It's a Trap meme

“It’s a Trap!” at the Cross-Section of Memes, Parody, and Fandom Legacy


Admiral Ackbar’s claim to fame may have lasted a second on screen, but it’s become so much more.

Movie Memes Week

The 50 Best Movie Memes Ever


Memes, memes everywhere.

Oscar Banner

The Academy is Wrong


Filmmakers begin to speak out against The Academy’s decision to relegate four awards to commercial breaks and the message is the clear: this is wrong.

Actors Directing

These Fine Actors Are Going Behind The Camera in 2019


2019 is set to bring some much-needed diversity to the growing trend of actors trying their hand behind the camera.

Murphy Brown Reboot

Murphy Brown & The Last Anti-Heroine


One viewer’s ‘Murphy Brown’ is another viewer’s ‘Roseanne.’

Rewind Close To Home

How The Films of 2018 Hit Close to Home


Family mattered in 2018.

Winners And Losers Header

The Pop Culture Winners and Losers of 2018


From ‘Black Panther’ to Filmstruck ending its service, 2018 was filled with Winners and Losers.