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Why We Love The Iron Giant

by Josh RaddeWarner Bros.I am not a gun.In 1999, we had fully embraced the future of animation. Toy Story and A Bug’s Life had already put Pixar on the map and Toy Story 2 was due out before y2k force…

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How to Save the Terminator Franchise

by Craig ThomasParamount PicturesWhilst not quite Judgement Day, we now live in a world where rubbish Terminator films outnumber the great ones. However, even the massive success in China was not enou…

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Why American Ultra Flopped

by Craig ThomasCourtesy of LionsgateFollowing the flop of new stoner/slacker/spy action comedy American Ultra, writer Max Landis went on a full-on Twitter rant, basically blaming the public for not be…

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How We Made The Iconic T-Rex of Jurassic Park

by Shannon SheaMike Trcic and Shannon Shea take a break on the Jurassic Park setIn the Summer of 1991, at Stan Winston studios, Stan, the man himself, announced that he was bidding on Jurassic Park. T…