Pain And Gain

Michael Bay’s ‘Pain & Gain’ is More Essential Than Ever


As it turns five, we look back at the smarter, more self-aware Michael Bay film that history may ultimately view as an essential look at today’s America.


Kundun: Scorsese’s Buried Masterpiece


Twenty years ago, Martin Scorsese’s Kundun, a biopic of the Dalai Lama, was released and then swiftly buried. We dig it up.

Katharine Hepburn Bringing Up Baby

The Riddled Dialogue and Innuendo Comedy of ‘Bringing Up Baby’


On its 80th anniversary, we took a look at the literary work at play behind the most famous lines of ‘Bringing Up Baby.’

Elevator To The Gallows

Noir Style Meets French Storytelling in ‘Elevator to the Gallows’


Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Louis Malle’s masterpiece of suspense and style.

Casablanca Marseillaise Tears

Here’s Looking at Casablanca’s Refugee Story, 75 Years On


How the Golden Age classic bears remarkable similarity to a forgotten film about child refugees.

Greatest Show

The Perfect Mix of Drama and Documentary in ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’


American cinema’s showman brought the circus to the movies 66 years ago.

Atonement Dunkirk Scene James Mcavoy

The Potent Poignancy of the ‘Atonement’ Dunkirk Scene


The five-minute-long, single-take Dunkirk scene in Joe Wright’s Atonement is a potent anti-war tableau and a masterclass in the logistics of filmmaking.

Cool Hand Luke

‘Cool Hand Luke’: A 50th Anniversary of Resilience and Defiance


In a time of war and political turmoil, ‘Cool Hand Luke’ found lasting defiance in Hollywood’s most charming man.

Giant James Dean

‘Giant’ and the Social Problem Genre Deserve Your Analysis


On the 61st anniversary of its premiere, we look at George Stevens’ epic as large as the Benedict ranch and the complicated genre it inhabits.