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‘Beach House’ Review: The Wealthy Deserve the Demon at Their Door

Creative desperation and economic shame invite a slasher into an upper-class melodrama.

‘Hearts Beat Loud’ Review: It’s Simply Delightful

Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons sing their way into your heart in this low-stakes dramedy…

‘Inheritance’ Review: Moody, Unsettling, and More Than Meets the Eye

Tyler Savage's debut feature touts some thought-provoking chills against a breathtaking Californian backdrop.

‘Hotel Artemis’ Review: Worth a Visit, But You Won’t Be Back

Criminals check in, but only some of them check out.

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Review: It’s Time to Bring This Dino Franchise to a Close

J. A. Bayona's Fallen Kingdom is immensely more watchable than its predecessor, but it's still…

‘Ocean’s 8’ Review: Someone Stole All the Fun and Creativity You Expect from a Heist Film

Should have been a blast, but the movie skates by on the charisma of its…

‘The Tale’ Is An Important Movie

The Sundance favorite brings a harrowing story out of the shadows.

‘The House That Jack Built’ Review: Lars von Trier’s Construction of Violent Delights

Lars von Trier Returns to Cannes in the most Lars von Trier of fashions.

Amazon’s ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ Suggests That Sometimes, Less Is More.

Forcing facts on a dream sequence, Amazon's expanded adaptation of the Aussie classic feels at…