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Michael Madsen Hateful Eight

Michael Madsen: “I Don’t Walk The Street Thinking, ‘I’m Michael Madsen.’”


In 2015, Jack Giroux interviewed Michael Madsen while the actor was promoting ‘The Hateful Eight.’ They mostly discussed Madsen’s poetry.

Rebel Without A Cause by Nicholas Ray

The Losers: American Master Nicholas Ray Deserved an Oscar


The filmmaker was only nominated, once, for writing ‘Rebel Without a Cause.’

A Most Violent Year

Living in The Moment with J.C. Chandor and ‘A Most Violent Year’


We sit down and discuss A Most Violent Year with director J.C. Chandor and stars Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac.

No Featured Image

How ‘Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut’ Rose From the Grave


We discuss the Nightbreed director’s cut with Mark Miller (Vice President of Seraphim) and Michael Plumides (Nightbreed: Director’s Cut producer).