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Exclusive: ‘Creative NonFiction’ Auteur Lena Dunham Gets Real


There aren’t many chances that you get to watch an artist progress in front of your eyes. How many of us would love to see David Fincher’s first productions in a festival? We get that chance with Lena Dunham’s Creative NonFiction, which was selected for screening at SXSW as part of the fest’s Emerging Visions category.

Exclusive: Ed Helms Removes a Tooth for Stardom


We sat down with rising star Ed Helms to talk about his role in The Hangover, the upcoming The Goods, and to confirm that Andy from “The Office” isn’t pregnant.

Exclusive: We Crack ‘Ninja Turtles’ Co-Creator Kevin Eastman’s Shell


Keavin Eastman sits down with our very own Adam Sweeney to discuss sharing the Ninja Turtles with his own son, geek out a bit about Casey Jones, and gives us a stellar update about the Heavy Metal adaptation he’s producing.

Nia’s Back: Star Talks ‘My Life in Ruins’


We sat down with Nia Vardalos at a roundtable interview for My Life in Ruins, her first film in five years.

Exclusive: Sobering Talk with Director Todd Phillips


The director of The Hangover talks Old School-style R-rated comedy, sugar-coated semen, and several other things I could hyphenate if I wanted.

Exclusive: Bruce McDonald talks ‘Pontypool’


FSR chats with the ‘Pontypool’ director about his unique, extremely entertaining zombie movie, currently in limited release and available for purchase in living rooms nationwide through IFC On Demand.

Exclusive: We Make Direct Contact with Dolph Lundgren


Ivan Drago himself was nice enough to give us a few minutes, calling in from the set of The Expendables to talk about his new movie Direct Contact and his love of making action flicks.

Exclusive: Charles Gibson on Building Terminators and The Apocalypse


The Visual FX Supervisor for Terminator Salvation gave us some of his time to discuss the concepts behind creating the world after the bombs fell.

Exclusive: Zach Galifiniakis Between One Fern


The star of The Hangover sits down with FSR’s cameras to discuss the finer points of waking up with a tiger in your bathroom, the blunter points of growing up, and the pointier points of being cast as Green Lantern.