Matt Damon: King of the Cameo

Matt Damon treats cameos like an Olympic sport and frankly, we're impressed.
Matt Damon cameos Eurotrip

Welcome to The Queue — your daily distraction of curated video content sourced from across the web. Today, we’re watching a montage of every single Matt Damon cameo.

In the right context, a good cameo is the cinematic equivalent of finding an onion ring in your fries. It’s not exactly what you ordered. You weren’t expecting it. But damn are you happy it’s there.

From elegant directorial walk-ons from the likes of William Castle and Alfred Hitchcock to postmodern appeals to celebrity culture, cameos are a tried-and-true tradition. But only one actor seems to treat them like he’s running an on-screen gauntlet of surprise-appearances.

That would be none other than Oscar winner Matt Damon, who is, apparently, not above turning his IMDb into a veritable tome of uncredited credits. Whether it’s subtle, easy-to-miss voiceover narration or “oh, hey, that’s Matt Damon” walk-ons, his list of unexpected appearances is, if nothing else, wildly impressive.

To get a sense of the man’s commitment to cameos, check out the following montage of every single Matt Damon cameo. Or rather: every single Matt Damon cameo…so far.

Watch “Every Matt Damon Cameo“:

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