Shot by Shot with the ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Trailer

In another freaky nod to the first film, here’s Bev covered in buckets of blood, mouth agape in horror. As a young teen, Beverly was attacked by blood and hair — a puberty horror metaphor if ever there was one — and it seems that even as an adult she can’t escape the stuff. Jessica Chastain has spoken about filming this scene and said that it used more fake blood than any horror movie ever.

We’ll wait until September to judge for ourselves, but that is a whole lot of blood.

Hey, maybe we’ll end this with a smile after all! As the trailer draws to a close, we get a shot of the Losers holding hands once again. They first circled up in 1989 to make a pact that they’d come back to Derry in 27 years if Pennywise wasn’t really dead.

This time, they’re underground, looking up in awe at…

… a small spot of light. At first, the light seems to be part of the deadlights, Pennywise’s mind-bending hypnotism method that he used on Bev last time. But as it hovers forward, it’s caught in a pair of gloved hands. So maybe the Losers weren’t looking at the deadlights and it was just tricky editing.

Instead, a young girl is looking at Pennywise’s magic trick. She seems to be under a set of bleachers, and has a mark on her face — a birthmark? A temporary tattoo from the carnival? She isn’t the same girl from the old-fashioned Pennywise photo earlier, but that girl appears to have a mark on the opposite side of her face.

Regardless, as the only living kid in the trailer, she’s almost certainly Penny food.

“Hello!” Pennywise says in the final shot, snatching the light in his hands back from the girl as his alarm-like theme plays in the background. Cut to black. That’s all we get. Hi, Pennywise. Long time, no see.

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Valerie Ettenhofer: Val is a San Francisco Bay Area freelance writer, TV lover, and cheese plate enthusiast. You can find her @aandeandval wherever social media accounts are sold.