Shot by Shot with the ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Trailer

This shot is on the trailer thumbnail for a reason.

It takes the most innocent character in the series, Bill’s late brother Georgie, and lends him Pennywise’s gestures and a head shrouded in shadows. The result is hypnotic and deeply unsettling, and the shot after — of Bill looking downward, unsettled — indicates that he’s just as disturbed by it as we are. “We can do this, but we’ll have to stick together,” he tells Beverly.

Young Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs) had a minimal role in IT compared to the source material, so it’s great to see his older self leading the charge here. You can also catch him later on, observing hundreds of uncanny balloons floating in the night.

In a version of Derry that seems nearly abandoned, even Pennywise’s old haunts have changed. Where there was once a massive pile of refuse and the floating bodies of abducted children, now there’s nothing but a few metal bars.

Young Beverly, Bill (Jaeden Martell), Ben, Mike, Richie, Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer), and Stan (Wyatt Oleff) are all smiles in this shot.

It’s unclear what function the younger version of the cast will play in the sequel, but this scene isn’t one from the original film. This is one of only two shots in the trailer featuring Stan, the other being the group reflection.

The Paul Bunyan statue in Derry’s park was background dressing in the first film, but this time around it looks like a jumping-off point for Pennywise.

The shot after this shows a surprised Richie looking on. Leaked set photos reveal that much of this scene was achieved with practical effects like wires.

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