Shot by Shot with the ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Trailer

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After a long day spent leaping off of statues, releasing red balloons, and hopping sideways out of a grate in an abandoned building, Penny likes to take off his makeup to unwind like the rest of us. Jokes aside, this shot seems to be a part of the villain’s origin story, as he still has human hands and the background lamplight indicates we’re back in the past.

Speaking of Pennywise’s origin story, this shot of black spikes jutting out of the ground deep underground hints at the more epic, metaphysical side of the IT story that’s central to the book. The 2017 adaptation was lacking in the origin story department, but these couple of shots hint that Chapter 2 may be as go big or go home as the book.

What’s a clown without his carnival? The Derry carnival is another part of Adrian Mellon’s book plotline, but a later shot shows Bill running through what appears to be a carnival so this huge set piece may factor in in more ways than one.

After a quick reference to Bill and Bev’s childhood kiss, we see them nearly locking lips in the present day. These two characters, together and apart, get the most trailer screentime of all the Losers.

After a shot of Ben looking ominously behind him in the sewers, we get Eddie, the group’s most fearful member, in a moment that’s a direct image match to one from the 2017 film’s climax.

Both times, Eddie is injured (this time around he has a bandage on his face), underground, and clearly mad as hell.

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