Shot by Shot with ‘The Invisible Man’ Trailer

The classic story has been given a frightening modern update.
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By  · Published on November 11th, 2019

Invisible Man Invisible Man

Cecilia is convinced that she isn’t alone. The second shot confirms her suspicions, as we see what we presume is Adrian’s breath in the cold air, floating next to Cecilia’s head.

Invisible Man Invisible Man

Cecilia’s narration reveals that her ex was a “sociopath” who tried to control her. However, it seems that he still is a sociopath as he’s creeping around her house and playing mind games. The new movie is leaning into psychological horror territory, and it’s already boasting some very subtle and effective scares.

Invisible Man

Prior to his “death,” Adrian had a tendency to follow Cecilia around wherever she went. According to her, he was hard to notice back then, and now that he’s invisible he’s continuing to stalk her. In this case, though, he’s intent on making her question her own sanity.

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