Shot by Shot with ‘The Invisible Man’ Trailer

The classic story has been given a frightening modern update.
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By  · Published on November 11th, 2019

Invisible Man Invisible Man Invisible Man

Back in the attorney’s office, Adrian’s lawyer (Benedict Hardie) tells Cecilia that Adrian committed suicide and left her $5 million. In order to receive the money, though, she “can’t be ruled mentally incompetent.”

Invisible Man

Cut to Cecilia discussing with her friends (Aldis Hodge and Harriet Dyer) her confusion over Adrian’s death. Here, she reveals that he’d never kill himself, suggesting that she’s already suspicious that something weird is happening.

Invisible Man

In this clip, we get another glimpse of Adrian in regular form. It’s clear from the expression on his face that he’s unhinged.

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