Shot by Shot with ‘The Invisible Man’ Trailer

The classic story has been given a frightening modern update.
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By  · Published on November 11th, 2019

Invisible Man

Until now, Cecilia has been unsure of Adrian’s presence. That said, in this scene, she’s 110-percent convinced that he’s sitting in the chair. The creases on the cushions more or less confirm her theory. But will anyone believe her?

Invisible Man Invisible Man

Cecilia returns to Adrian’s house to discover his dog still living there, along with what appears to be Adrian in a sheet at the end of a corridor. He’s not dead, but her friends think she’s losing her mind.


Adrian’s lawyer insists that his ashes are in a box, but we all know that’s probably not the case. Chances are Adrian has murdered someone and orchestrated some psychotic scheme.

Invisible Man

In one of the trailer’s most uncomfortable moments, Adrian takes pictures of Cecilia while she’s asleep. In the background, you’ll also spot a picture of Claude Rains’ 1933 Invisible Man, or at least someone who’s very reminiscent of him.

Invisible Man

In this scene, Cecilia gets taken away by the cops while protesting that she’s “not crazy.” Adrian could have killed her at any time before this, but he wants her to suffer by losing the freedom that she left him for.

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