‘Home Alone’ Gets an R-rated Twist with Ryan Reynold’s at the Helm

The upcoming film, titled Stoned Alone, will center around—you guessed it—a man home alone while high out of his mind. The Deadpool star is set to produce the spoof with Augustine Frizzell as director.
Ryan Reynolds

The upcoming film, titled Stoned Alone, will center around—you guessed it—a man home alone while high out of his mind. The Deadpool star is set to produce the spoof with Augustine Frizzell as director.

In terms of modern-day classic holiday films, nothing beats Home Alone. At least if you love comedy (or even horror from Harry and Marv’s perspective) infused Christmas movies. Ryan Reynolds and Fox seem to think so as well, and have apparently found an opportunity for a modern, adult-themed revamp of the iconic Chris Columbus film.

The R-rated parody, titled Stoned Alone, sounds like the stoner-comedy older brother of the original. Reynolds, who will primarily serve as producer, is most likely set to play the lead character as well. The Deadpool star’s finely-tuned comedic skills, coming from years of playing particularly mouthy personalities (Wade Wilson in Deadpool and Hannibal King in Blade), would definitely come in handy in the film. Deadline reports that as of now the plotline will center around:

“[A] twenty-something weed growing loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip. He makes the best of things by getting high. Paranoia sets in and he believes he hears someone break into his house. Turns out thieves have broken in. Fully stoned and fueled by paranoia, he tries to thwart the thieves and defend his castle.”

It’s not clear yet if Reynolds, or whoever will be taking up the adult-sized likeness of Macaulay Culkin, will be setting up the same kind of intricate and deadly traps for the thieves as the original Home Alone. Seeing the kinds of setups a person would construct while high could be a good source of comedy in the film, besides the obvious “paranoid stoner man thinks he hears danger and reacts” gags. With an R-rating, it’s even likely said “pranks” would have the real-life consequences they would have in Home Alone if it hadn’t been a children’s film. Because, honestly, you would not survive a full paint can to the face nor a flame-thrower to the head. Maybe if you’re as tough as Joe Pesci. Maybe.

Augustine Frizzell, a somewhat new presence on the comedy scene, will be directing the upcoming spoof. Frizzell has three short films under her belt and several acting credits, including a role in last year’s A Ghost Story. Her most recent movie and first ever feature, A24’s Never Goin’ Back, is set for release this August. The stoner-girl dramedy will be Frizzell’s directorial debut and has already received high praise following its Sundance premiere earlier this year.

Should Stoned Alone prove to be less of a tiresome stoner-flick, and more of an engaging echo of the treasured original with an inventive twist on its humor, Frizzell could find herself in a very nice position within the genre. The Reynold’s produced comedy along with Never Goin’ Back’s (highly probable) success could really kickstart the next phase of her career. With so few comedic female directors and writers, and with many comedy films being geared towards men, this would be refreshing for the genre.

The worst thing Stoned Alone could do, without a doubt, would be to rely way too much on the classic film it’s so heartily biting into. Falling into the trap of hitting viewers over the head with abundant stoner-humor (like Seth Rogen films of old), while depending entirely on elements from Home Alone for its plot, could easily be the project’s downfall.

Although it’s only in the early stages of development, it’s unlikely that Kevin McCallister himself, Macaulay Culkin, will make an appearance in the film. Now fully committed to the life of a content hermit, Culkin would be the most improbable addition to the project.

A cameo from him would be unquestionably iconic, but it’s definitely for the best if he stays uninvolved. Not only does he seem to be particularly triggered from boyhood fame, but Stoned Alone should probably stay far away from any overtly on-the-nose references.

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