Early Reviews of ‘The Social Network’ Calling it Perfect

By  · Published on September 13th, 2010

Even though calling the film “one of the best of 2010” is missing the usual power a statement like that can have (thanks to the lack of quality films far), the true meaning is definitely not lost. There has been a fever pitch of interest in “The Facebook Movie,” and the reviews coming from early screenings and out of TIFF are roundly positive.

Find out what critics are saying after the jump:

Frosty over at Collider had a few money quotes.

On David Fincher’s directing:

“Brilliant. Amazing. Perfect.”

On Aaron Sorkin’s script:

“The opening scene alone is worth the price of admission, but, after the fact, you get two more hours of some of the best dialogue of the year. I think the script is some of the best work Sorkin has ever done and it’s definitely getting nominated at the end of the year.”

And on Jesse Eisenberg:

“Eisenberg’s performance in The Social Network is on another level. He literally becomes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.”

Quint over at Aint It Cool had strong praise of his own to give:

“I was blown away. I went in with high hopes and the movie was everything I wanted and more. Clocking it at just over 2 hours, the flick has zero fat on it.”

“Fincher himself is in top form, pulling great performances from every actor, telling the story in a quick way, keeping thing lively and entertaining without losing any of the emotional impact. After 5 minutes I felt like I was on the periphery of this story, hanging out as the story was unfolding. It drew me in.”

Erik Davis at Cinematical waxes philosophical about the zeitgeist:

“The Social Network will define a generation for a generation that couldn’t care less about its generation, but it’s as entertaining as anything you’ll watch all year.”

Devin Faraci returns to CHUD briefly to give the film 9 out of 10 somethings and say this:

“David Fincher seems to have found the perfect partner in screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.”

“Absorbing and hilarious and smart, The Social Network is a very old fashioned movie about a very new world. It’s the most accessible movie Fincher may have ever made, but that doesn’t mean it’s missing his touch.”

Over all, the critics are digging it, but the audiences will have to be brought on board, too. On that note, the film has just over 21,000 fans on Facebook. No word yet on how many friends it has on Friendster.

The film drops into theaters on October 1st.

Do you plan on seeing it?

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