David Fincher


Seven Listening

Sounds Thrilling: The Sound Design of David Fincher


*keystrokes intensify*

Interrogation Scenes

Anatomy of an Interrogation Scene


High contrast lighting and over-the-shoulder shots? Must be an interrogation scene.

Zodiac Yellow Collage

Yellow, Stranger: The Color Theory of Zodiac


Because nothing says “obsession with an elusive killer” quite like the color of bile.

Debate Week Best Picture Losers Social Network

Why ‘The Social Network’ is the Best Movie to Lose Best Picture


You don’t get to become an Oscar contender without making a few enemies.

David Fincher Fridges

What’s in the Ice Box? A Love Letter to David Fincher’s Fridges


Fincher is a man of details, so let’s look at one of his most recurring calling cards.

Movies To Watch After Mank

20 Movies to Watch After David Fincher’s ‘Mank’


We recommend 20 movies to watch after you see the Netflix biopic about the writing of ‘Citizen Kane.’

David Fincher Movies

The Films of David Fincher, Ranked


With the release of ‘Mank,’ it is now time to rank.

Zodiac Beginning

‘Zodiac’ and Setting the Scene for a Serial Killer


In the first scene of ‘Zodiac,’ David Fincher makes it clear that catching a killer is no easy feat.

Mank David Fincher Netflix

David Fincher’s Long and Winding Road to ‘Mank’


This movie and its lack of serial killers and murder is a strange choice for the filmmaker. Or is it?