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Afatecs Still For Program

Director David Franklin on the Challenges and Triumphs of Micro-Budget Filmmaking

By Ciara Wardlow 

Franklin discusses the five-year process of making his feature film directorial debut, As Far As The Eye Can See, out March 20 on VOD.

In Bruges

The Great Big Irish Actors Appreciation Post

By Ciara Wardlow 

For an island home to less than 6.6 million people, Ireland has produced an incredible number of acting talents.

Tony Stark Iron Man

The Inanity of Technobabble

By Ciara Wardlow 

An exploration of highly technical, usually nonsensical sci-fi jargon.

Red Sparrow Accents

‘Red Sparrow’ and the Issue of Movie Accents

By Ciara Wardlow 

Using English as a stand-in for other languages never ends well.

Bestvillains Kyloren

Keeping It In The Family (“It” Being Murder)

By Ciara Wardlow 

Exploring the wide world of family members killing each other… in popular culture.

Black Panther Killmonger

How ‘Black Panther’ Solves Marvel’s Villain Problem

By Ciara Wardlow 

Killmonger is a great villain. Here’s why.

Petter Rabbit

Why Do We Want Children to Root for Vermin?

By Ciara Wardlow 

Yes, rabbits are vermin. And I will fight you on that.

Daughters of the Dust

Black Women Filmmakers in the 20th Century

By Ciara Wardlow 

In honor of Black History Month and in the interest of keeping the #femalefilmmakerfriday feeling alive, here are five black women who got their directorial careers started before the year 2000.

Three Billboards Outside Of Ebbing, Missouri

The Space Between Character Development and Redemption

By Ciara Wardlow 

Three Billboards’ racist cop is a complex character. That doesn’t mean the film wants us to absolve him.