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Screen Shot At Am

The Cinematic Legacy of Salvador Dalí

By Ciara Wardlow 

Happy birthday, you beautiful weirdo.


Three Problems With Thanos’s Master Plan

By Ciara Wardlow 

…that’s not how things work…


‘Infinity War’ and Overkilling Death

By Ciara Wardlow 

Mourning the greatest casualty of the MCU’s crossover extravaganza.

Fsr Bestsummermovies Pirates

The Best Summer Movie Ever Is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

By Ciara Wardlow 

To understand why Curse of the Black Pearl was the perfect summer movie, we need to get at the heart of what a “summer movie” really is.

Guardians Peter Gamora

A Brief Romantic History of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Ciara Wardlow 

Or, more accurately: a series of unfortunate events.

Silent Films Metropolis Maria

30 Essential Films of the Silent Era

By Ciara Wardlow 

The tl;dr version of the silent film era.

Best Year In Movies

The Best Year in Movies Was 1998

By Ciara Wardlow 

The year that had it all.

Ready Player One

On the Nature of Easter Eggs

By Ciara Wardlow 

Ready Player One.


Why I’m Not Buying What ‘Westworld’ is Selling

By Ciara Wardlow 

It gets the math right, but this isn’t an algebra class.