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Where Has Blockbuster Romance Gone?

By Ciara Wardlow 

Today’s biggest franchises could use a few more sparks.

Darkriver Ruthwilson

‘Dark River’ Review: A Tired Drama that Lives Down to its Name

By Ciara Wardlow 

A melancholic ode to how the past haunts the present, Dark River ironically plays through like a lackluster echo of films that have come before.

Pixar's Bao

‘Bao’ and the Biological Basis for Eating One’s Children

By Ciara Wardlow 

It’s a stress thing.

Finding Nemo Marlin

Celebrating Great Movie Dads

By Ciara Wardlow 

Good advice. Bad jokes.

Oceans Team

‘Ocean’s 8’ is a Stepping Stone, Not the Destination

By Ciara Wardlow 

Transition phases can be awkward, but that’s how we get places.

First Reformed Thinking

‘First Reformed’ and the Two Types of Thinking Films

By Ciara Wardlow 

It’s a matter of questions and answers.


Five Questions with ‘American Animals’ Writer-Director Bart Layton

By Ciara Wardlow 

The filmmaker behind ‘American Animals’ and ‘The Imposter’ talks motivation, suffering artists, and the advantages of telling true stories.


‘Solo’ Just Made ‘The Force Awakens’ A Whole Lot Creepier

By Ciara Wardlow 

Doesn’t Qi’ra remind you of someone?

Emilia Clarke In Solo

Capes: A ‘Star Wars’ Story

By Ciara Wardlow 

The legacy of a garment in a galaxy far, far away.