Watch: The Pulse-Pounding ‘Pig With the Froggy Tattoo’ Trailer

By  · Published on September 15th, 2011

It’s tough to parody something if it’s not iconic. That’s why there have been some truly brilliant Muppets trailer parodies and a few that weren’t all that fun. Spoof on the entire romantic comedy genre? Gold. Mocking a mediocre ad for a summer comedy that wasn’t all that dynamic? Not as golden.

This new trailer (with its bass-booming send-up of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer that captured so much attention) thankfully fits into that former category. The gimmick is perfected, and they manage to work in a few more jokes on top of it.

Inspired work that you really just have to see for yourself.

It’s time to light the lights:

I’m just glad they used images from the film instead of shooting new scenes with Miss Piggy hunched over with hot shower water running over her shoulder piece.

What do you think?

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