Watch: ‘SUPERDREAMER’ is a Joyously Animated Stroll Through a Virtual Rainbow

By  · Published on July 10th, 2012

Why Watch? This animated short from David Broner is a smile factory the same way a fistful of the right kind of mushrooms might be. It’s not necessarily trippy for the watcher, but the star of the show – a man made up of hundreds of blended polygons – is certainly having a good time.

His hand grops for a pair of glasses, and has he puts them on, he’s transported to a virtual tunnel of light and random objects that gather as they collide with him. That is, until they knock off his glasses.

The animation is inventive, definitely different from pretty much anything else going on out there, and the experimental story is one that anyone logged into a virtual world might be able to relate to.

Oh, and Paul Lansky’s computer-rendered song “Notjustmoreidlechatter” makes it that much more happy-pill pleasant.

What will it cost? Only 1 minute.

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