The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight: Because You Need a DVD Shopping Guide


Since all of the cool kids are doing it I feel it necessary to blatantly plagiarize Pete at /Film’s hard work and copy the details of all the exclusives that can be found at various retail outlets.

The Dark Knight Will Win Every Oscar. Or Not.


The movie with the best shot at garnering multiple Oscar nominations might not get any.

Editorial: Is the Iraq War Propelling the Superhero Film Phenomenon?


Based on our cultural history, box office numbers, and the self-evident explosion of superhero films that’s taken place since 2003, it seems clear that The Iraq War is a major factor in one of the largest business trends in recent Hollywood history.

Movie Review: The Dark Knight


The year’s most anticipated summer film is still weeks away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a first-hand account of its brilliance. Yeah, that’s right — we said brilliance. Behold, the epic spectacle that is The Dark Knight.

Want to Go to The Dark Knight Premiere?


If you’ve got a desperate itch to see The Dark Knight after walking down the red carpet or want to clink champagne glasses with Christian Bale, the fine folks over at Charity Buzz are giving you a great opportunity.

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The 15 Must-See Movies of Summer 2008


Let’s look back on one of the best movie summers ever with this classic preview of big releases of 2008.

The Love/Hate Affair with the Entertainment Weekly Summer Movie Preview Issue


The monster issue that is the Entertainment Weekly 2008 Summer Movie Preview is on newsstands and in mailboxes everywhere. Find out why we just can’t quit this damn thing.

Heath Ledger Immortalized As The Joker in Statue Form


Artist Kolby Jukes captures the spirit of Heath Ledger in this ten-inch statue that’ll look right at home on your desk or bookshelf. Assuming you still have room after the last Bat-blitz of merchandising.

Dark Knight Viral Update: I Spent the Night in Jail Because of the Joker!


After a solid hour of trying calmly to explain the situation, I was reduced to shouting profanities about Jim Gordon and my local police force in the waiting room just as the night was starting to get busy.