The Dark Knight


Brush Up on Batman Before The Dark Knight Hits


So The Dark Knight is only 113 days away, and you don’t know your Carmine Falcone from your Selena Kyle. Should you be publicly and humiliatingly punished? Probably, but the folks over at ComicMix have paid your bail by creating a really cool list of the ‘Batman’ comics you’ll need to brush up on before heading to the box office.

Dark Knight Producer Comments on Heath Ledger’s Death


Charles Roven, producer of The Dark Knight, gave an official statement on Heath Ledger’s death.

An Update on the Death of Heath Ledger


The preliminary autopsy of actor Heath Ledger has proved inconclusive, meaning a need for more extensive testing.

BREAKING: Heath Ledger Dead at 27


The New York Times has confirmed that Ledger was found dead in his SOHO apartment earlier this afternoon.

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The 20 Most Anticipated Films of 2008


A look back at the movies Neil Miller was excited about at the start of 2008.