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Breaking Down the Visual Humor of ‘An American Pickle’


The Seth Rogen comedy is an intergenerational farce with great visual appeal.

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Movies to Watch if You Like ‘An American Pickle’


We recommend 11 movies going back more than 100 years to watch after you see the Seth Rogen and Seth Rogen comedy.

This Is The End

Low Stakes, High Reward: The Appeal of a Seth Rogen Comedy


They say it’s much easier to make people cry than to make them laugh. Here’s a video essay on why Seth Rogen’s goofiness is worth some serious praise.


Seth Rogen Is Adapting ‘Memetic,’ A Brilliant Horror Comic


‘Memetic’ will make you afraid of memes.

‘Good Boys’ Review: Who Knew R-Rated Comedy Could Be So Adorable


The SXSW headliner brings cuteness to an R-rated world.

Long Shot

‘Long Shot’ Review: Romantic Comedies and Politics Make for Odd Bedfellows


‘Long Shot’ may contain some of the year’s best jokes but the awkward mix of hangouts and politics ultimately proves too much for the Seth Rogen vehicle.

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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to Chronicle the Video Game Console Wars


The duo behind ‘Superbad’ will need to iron out the book’s inconsistencies for their series to really sail.

Michael Keaton Spotlight

Michael Keaton and Seth Rogen Cast in the Outlandish True Story of John McAfee


‘King of the Jungle’ will detail McAfee’s descent from millionaire tech magnate to paranoid drug hustler.

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Seth Rogen Has Found Himself In a Pickle Factory


The comedian will play two roles in the upcoming adaptation of the New Yorker story, “Sell Out.”