Park Chan-wook

Park Chan Wook Color Theory

The Color Theory of Park Chan-Wook


From seeing red to feeling green with envy, here’s a breakdown of the color stories in the work of Park Chan-wook.

Decision To Leave

How “Decision to Leave” Weaponizes Misdirection


Every director gets to make a Hitchcock.


Park Chan-wook is Heading to the Old West for His Next Revenge Opus


The ‘Oldboy’ director is helming the long-gestating ‘Brigands of Rattlecreek’ for Amazon Studios.

Little Drummer Girl Pugh Skarsgard

‘The Little Drummer Girl’ Review: Park Chan-wook Brings His Signature Style to TV (LFF)


The ‘Oldboy’ director is a surprising choice to direct the latest John le Carré adaptation, but we think it works.

The Triplets Of Bellville

Sylvain Chomet to Adapt the Tone of Park Chan-Wook in ‘Familiar Things’


The French animator sets his sights on the master of Korean suspense for his next oddball drama.

Chan Wook

Park Chan-wook Adapting ‘The Little Drummer Girl’ TV Series


BBC and AMC are partnering for the six-hour series.