Movies To Watch After Mank

20 Movies to Watch After David Fincher’s ‘Mank’


We recommend 20 movies to watch after you see the Netflix biopic about the writing of ‘Citizen Kane.’

David Fincher Movies

The Films of David Fincher, Ranked


With the release of ‘Mank,’ it is now time to rank.

Mank David Fincher Netflix

David Fincher’s Long and Winding Road to ‘Mank’


This movie and its lack of serial killers and murder is a strange choice for the filmmaker. Or is it?

Gary Oldman in Mank

‘Mank’ Celebrates Both the Writers and the Words


David Fincher’s latest is as much a love letter to Herman Mankiewicz as it is to his own father, the film’s writer, Jack Fincher.


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The Academy issued a temporary exemption for films having to skip a qualifying run in theaters. But this isn’t about ‘Trolls World Tour’s Oscar chances.

Citizen Kane

The ‘Citizen Kane’ Screenplay Controversy


The real story behind the events that inspired David Fincher’s new movie about one of Hollywood’s great controversies.