Legion Rachel Keller As Syd Barrett

Is ‘Legion’ Brilliant Or Just Willfully Obtuse?


I’m not sure, but I can’t stop watching it.

The Americans

Games Without Frontiers: The Tragic Score of ‘The Americans’


FX’s ‘The Americans’ has garnered acclaim for its use of pop music, but Nathan Barr’s tense, emotional score is equally vital to the show.

Legion Season

‘Legion’ Season 2 Trailer: Gorgeous Visuals, Mind Trips, and More Dancing


We puzzle through more of the indecipherable, reacquainting ourselves with the expanse of David Haller’s mind.

Donald Sutherland Trust

‘Trust’ Trailer: ‘All The Money in the World’ Plus Debauchery


FX’s new series aims to tackle more layers to the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III.

American Crime Story Versace

‘American Crime Story’ Season 2 Trailer: Murder and Mystique Meld


This will hopefully be a profound take on the garish murder of a fashion icon.