UPDATE: Dreamworks and The Mouse Officially Doing the Grown Up


By “the grown up,” I of course mean that they are engaged in a purely platonic, business relationship to distribute movies together. And probably sleeping together.

What Just Happened: Dreamworks Cheats on Universal with Disney


What happens when you catch your distribution partner in bed with another company? You make sure the divorce is finalized once and for all.

McG Goes Down On Nemo, To Direct 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea


Disney has signed McG to direct a remake of their very first live-action film, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The new film adds the subtitle, Captain Nemo, as it will apparently be an origin story that follows Nemo’s creation of the Nautilus.

Disney to Tackle Controversial Synchronized Swimming Issue


It was either drum up fake controversy or make the entire news post about how The Mouse is about five years too late to hop on the sport parody gravy train.

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WonderCon 08: Wall-E


Without a doubt, the biggest surprise for me at this year’s WonderCon was my reaction to Pixar’s new film Wall-E.