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See The World Through a Detective’s Eyes In This Unique Noir Short Film

By  · Published on April 21st, 2014

Matt Steinauer

Why Watch? First person POV can be tricky to pull off because of how limiting the field of view is. It’s the same thing with found footage, but even without the shaky cam (or at least a less shaky cam), it can be disorienting and leave an audience frustrated by the loss of control. When it’s done well, it can be very cool. Still a gimmick, but an entrancing one.

It’s become popular over the past few years, so it’s not all that innovative to see it put into practice, although it’s almost always impressive on a technical level. What’s unique about this short film from Matt Steinauer is that he and his team have combined that newly popular technique and blended it with antique style.

That’s not just because Gumshoe is drenched in noir pastiche. It’s also the POV shots matched with radio serial Foley work that make for a potent combination of young and old. The technical achievement is stellar, and the shading work is often as stunning as long legs in fishnet stockings.

Luckily, it’s also good for a laugh. Which shouldn’t be surprising considering it boasts vocal talent like Maurice LaMarche (Futurama, a billion other things), Curtis Armstrong (Booger!) and Criminal Minds star Paget Brewster.

What Will It Cost? About 4 minutes.

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