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By  · Published on March 28th, 2014

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“’Entertainment Weekly’ wants you to write for it for free. Don’t do it” – The Week’s entertainment editor Scott Meslow tells aspiring writers to send pitches his way because they, gasp, actually pay for writing. With money! Not in “prestige.” That comes at the end of a scathing, completely accurate condemnation of EW’s new program of getting TV coverage without paying for it. Real talk for any aspiring writers trying to manipulate a manipulative system into getting “EW Writer” on their resume: expect potential employers to ask about which kind you are (and to care).

“The Action Hero Championship Belt” – Bill Simmons at Grantland goes era by era to declare the heaviest hitters in a truly fantastic feature. Grab a sports bottle full of gin and get after it.

“Is Game of Thrones the Reason All Your Favorite TV Characters Are Dying?” – Joanna Robinson at Vanity Fair recognizes a tragic trend in television borne on the back of our abiding love for throwing our jaw at the ground. No one is safe.

“Horror Godfather Larry Fessenden Tells Us About All About His New Movie Beneath” – Peter Hall at speaks with an icon about a terrifying new species of fish.

“Ranking the 20 Greatest, Most Celebrated Long Takes” – Jessica Kiang at The Playlist comes up with a thoughtful list that’s more than just the usual suspects.

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