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Bond. James Bond. Does anyone remember this old man?
No Time to Die James Bond
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By  · Published on December 4th, 2019

This is the end. No, seriously. Daniel Craig is done. He’s getting too old for this shit, and if you doubt us, then just listen to every other character in the below trailer. They all want you to know that Daniel Craig is a washed-up action hero who belongs bloated on a beach rather than behind the wheel of a tricked-out Aston Martin.

Bollocks. How dare you? Of course, he’s got one last ride left in him. His contract says so.

If No Time To Die is truly the finish for Craig’s James Bond, then he’s going to go out guns blazing. Gatling guns blazing. So many barrels! He can’t allow the slog that was Spectre to be his final say on the character. Of course, Pierce Brosnan had high hopes for Die Another Day as well. Hush, Brad! Let’s remain positive here. Click on the trailer, and meet me back for a shot by shot breakdown as we try to figure out how many more tentacles of conspiracy we can wrap around our favorite spy series.

Director Cary Joji Fukunaga continues the theme of a Double 0 agent reaching his expiration date as all Bond films do as their stars creep in age. Sam Mendes delighted in highlighting Bond’s cranky fossil in Skyfall and Spectre, and Fukunaga is forced to continue in that tradition. The next generation waits in the wings while we cater to the grumpy bulldog.

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The trailer opens as all decent 007 movies should: an aerial shot celebrating one of many scenic wonders the globe has to offer. The peace of this Italian villa shatters under the sound of gunfire. When we last saw Bond and Dr. Madeline Swann (Léa Seydoux) four years ago, the lovers narrowly escaped the clutches of Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz), packed their bags into Q’s upgraded Aston Martin DB5, and drove off to parts unknown.

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Well, here we are, still packed inside the DB5, but now there are a few new killers on their tail. How much time has past since the last time we saw them? Does this chase take place after years of romantic bliss, or mere weeks?

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Whatever the answer, the bliss is over. Bond accuses Swann of villainous deception. “Why would I betray you?” she asks. “We all have our secrets,” he lashes back at her. “We just hadn’t got around to yours yet.” Putting it mildly, Bond has trust issues. Of course, as the trailer continues, he may be more than justified in his doubt. Remember, her father was the Quantum/Spectre lackey, Mr. White. This apple may not have fallen too far from the tree.

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Bond trapped on a crossway between two speeding machine gunners. What’s a badass super spy to do?

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Grit his teeth. Look mean. Take a breath. He’s seen Goldeneye.

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Double 0s aren’t afraid to Tarzan their way out of a tight spot.

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