McBride Set to Detect Hill’s ‘L.A. P.I.’

By  · Published on February 5th, 2010

I make no effort to hide the fact that I love Jody Hill as a director. He’s sort of a wild man that sees no reason to broadcast his insanity, seeking rather to coolly offend you while sitting back and puffing a cigarette.

I also make no effort to hide the fact that I find Danny McBride increasingly annoying – an actor that plays the same person in every role (although he admittedly clenched his fists and toned it down for Up in the Air). That wouldn’t be so bad if his only role wasn’t a giant toolbag.

So, it’s both fortunately and unfortunately that we’re reporting a partnership between the two for the upcoming L.A. P.I.— directed by Hill and starring McBride.

The story is being kept a secret, and the title isn’t much help, although it was also the working title for a little film called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

In case you were wondering.

A quick google search revealed that the acronym might mean

The script is from writing pair Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan who are fairly new to the scene, but have already sold scripts for Comic-Con and a new Brewster’s Millions to New School and Warners respectively. The big news, of course, is that L.A. P.I. will be the first film produced by Rough House – the partnership between McBride, Hill and fellow North Carolina school chum David Gordon Green.

It’s Los Angeles Private Investigator, isn’t it?

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