MacGruber Goes Green, Recycles Old Jokes

By  · Published on January 21st, 2010

As SNL reaches the zenith of existence by abandoning sketches midway through, an icon of our American fighting forces is being featured in a new non-cursing trailer for his mullet-filled movie. MacGruber, in trailer form, has arrived.

Instead of me describing it shot by shot like I want to, I’ll just go ahead and wait while you watch it for yourself:

Kilmer looks awesome. Hader is always fantastic. Wiig looks a little awkward throughout, but Will Forte will hopefully carry the entire thing. I’m more of a four wire man myself.

It definitely looks funny, it could turn out to be a great send up of action films, and there’s that strange childish humor that seems to pervade SNL movies no matter what the character or concept.

Still, I feel completely justified in rooting for this thing. Even more so after checking out the redband trailer. We also have a gallery of new photos, which can be seen below.

Because I love curse words.

What say you?

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