‘A Very Loose History Of Skateboard Shapes’ Is As Exciting As Its Sport

Learning has never been so fun, fast, or animated.

Focusing on one specific aspect of skateboard design isn’t the first thing you jump towards when you think of skateboarding videos. There are no (or few) fisheye lenses here. It’s an animated documentary with interviews sprinkled in and told with enough energy that the esoteric world of board shape becomes fascinating.

Imagine a hyper-kinetic, very interesting episode of How It’s Made that also delves into Why It’s Made. That’s A Very Loose History Of Skateboard Shapes


Directed by Joe Pease and managed through engaging voiceover by Luke Callahan, this two-part series (the second part is easy to find if you liked the first) brings wannabes into the fold with the carefree ease expected of the lifestyle.

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