Game of Thrones: All The Season 8 Predictions and Theories You'll Ever Need

Here's how it's all going to go down. Probably.

Game Of Thrones Season Predictions

All The Terrifying Moves the Night King Could Make

Thrones Characters Night King

We don’t know a lot about the Night King. He was created to kill the descendants of the First Men. He loves to march south. He can control the dead. Now he has a dragon. That’s about it. Lots of room for growth!

The Night King goes straight to King’s Landing  [Probability: Medium]

Some people think Season 8 might play out a little like this: Jon Snow et al. have their great big showdown against the undead up in Winterfell. Despite the odds, the living seem to be holding their own—and then somebody realizes, hey wait, where’s the Night King? Cut to: King’s Landing, and the Night King wreaking havoc with wight-Viserion. Oh shiiiiit.

Cersei becomes the Night Queen [Probability: Low]

Ever noticed how all the White Walkers are dudes? Remember how Gilly read a book called Legends of the Long Night at the Citadel? Well, one of the central legends surrounding the Long Night involves the Night Queen—in fact, some speculators suggest that she’s the figure pictured on the cover of the book. In ASOIAF lore, the Night’s Queen was a legendary female White Walker who seduced an early Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, who then dubs himself the Night King, and then the two began a reign of terror that lasted 13 years until a combined force of Stark men and Wildlings defeated them. The idea is that The Night King is a gender-flipped reboot of this legendary figure, and wants a lady wife to rule beside him. Some online speculate that Cersei will become this lady wife in a scenario where the Night King goes straight to King’s Landing, as explored above. Some have even suggested the possibility that Cersei willingly aligns herself with the Night King—after all, her (incredibly stupid) sponsorship of the High Sparrow goes to show how willing she is to work against her own best interests if it means smiting her enemies.

Daenerys Targaryen becomes the Night Queen [Probability: Low]

While it would suck for Daenerys, this isn’t necessarily the doomsday prophecy it sounds like. Yes, it could be the Daenerys version of the Cersei plot mentioned above, or it could involve Daenerys becoming a good, fiery version of a White Walker to defeat the Night King. There’s a whole video breaking down the theory, but the basic gist is that when Azor Ahai stabbed Nissa Nissa in the chest—which resembles the way the Children of the Forest stabbed the man who became the first White Walker in the chest—she became the ultimate weapon in the battle against the darkness and that something similar might happen with Daenerys.

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