Game of Thrones: All The Season 8 Predictions and Theories You'll Ever Need

Here's how it's all going to go down. Probably.

Game Of Thrones Season Predictions

All The People Who Might Get Together

While who will win and who will die are prime topics of conversation, the dragon has three heads, and the third is this: who’s gonna kiss? Every season thus far has introduced at least one or two new romances, and one imagines that in this, like all other things, Game of Thrones will want to go out with a bang. So who will it be? Here are some of the more popular candidates:

Gendry and Arya  [Probability: Medium ]

Look. We want this. You want this. Arya checking out Gendry’s abs at Harrenhal wanted this. Let’s speak it into existence. Once the Night King’s dead and Cersei’s gone, Arya won’t be happy settling down in Winterfell, let alone marrying a boring lord type. So let’s have her galavant around with her good old friend the bastard blacksmith, much like Book-Arya once said she wanted. Remember how Arya told Lady Crane she wants to find what’s west of Westeros? As of Season 3, Gendry knows how to row! And one imagines it’s probably a lot easier with two people. For those of you who think “they’d be good together” is strong enough evidence—there’s more! Remember those parallel “Mhysa”/”Battle of the Bastards” bird’s eye shots that demonstrate that Jon and Daenerys are destined to be together? Well, Gendry and Arya have their own version:

Comparative Face Squishing

Bam. Bulletproof. At least, we hope so. Some fans seem to think Sansa/Gendry might be in the cards, which is like…no.

Brienne and Tormund [Probability: Low]

He wants to make giant babies that will conquer the world with her. Her stance on the matter is a little less enthusiastic. Will he be able to woo her? Tbd.

Brienne and Jaime [Probability: Low]

There’s no way this one has a happy ending, but there’s definitely… something there. Between the communal bath scene and how Jaime accurately guessed Brienne’s measurements for a new suit of armor—someone was clearly *ahem* looking. There’s definitely a connection between this unlikely couple. Plus, the hint of a normal relationship would make Jamie’s (very likely) heroic death this season hurt that much more.

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