Game of Thrones: All The Season 8 Predictions and Theories You'll Ever Need

Here's how it's all going to go down. Probably.

Game Of Thrones Season Predictions

All The People Who Might Come Back From the Dead


Death comes for everyone in Game of Thrones. But that doesn’t mean it’s permanent.  Here are some of our favorite revenant-related predictions:

Ned Stark [Probability: Low]

It was many years ago that Sean Bean lost his head outside the Sept of Baelor. And some people still aren’t willing to let go. After all, Benjen came back for like two minutes, right? As to how Ned Stark could have survived his beheading, the internet seems to have two main theories. The first is that the executed man was a Faceless Man wearing Ned Stark’s face. The scene in which Arya keeps pulling faces off a Faceless Man until her own is revealed seems to suggest that there is a way for the Faceless Men to take the appearance of someone who is still alive, making this fan theory technically possible, though it does not explain where the hell Ned’s been for six seasons. The second theory is that Ned Stark warged right before he died—specifically, into a pigeon, considering the flock of birds that flew overhead. Even if this fan theory is true, the average lifespan of a pigeon is about six years, meaning that pigeon-Ned would either be dead or the Maester Aemon of pigeons by now, but we digress.

Petyr Baelish [Probability: Medium]

To be fair, most of the people who think Aidan Gillen will return this season don’t think that Littlefinger is really alive, but that Arya Stark will wear his face for some scheme either in the Vale or King’s Landing. We’d be down for it.

Some Beloved Character… as a Wight [Probability: High]

It’d be a real tear-jerker! And it could be anyone! Maybe Sansa dies and Arya has to fight her! Maybe that’s who she’s running from in the trailer?! Oh no wait, that’s definitely a dude. Maybe she gets together with Gendry and then he turns into a wight and he’s the one chasing her? (Some folks on Tumblr are very concerned). At least one relatively popular Tweet is afraid of seeing Hodor again in this matter. Hell, maybe all of the above will come true! Or none! Who knows?! Endless undead possibilities!

Who Could Be The Valonqar?

Jaime Leaves Cersei

So, a quick reminder, Maggy tells young Cersei that: “Queen you shall be. Until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear…. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands around your pale white throat, and choke the life from you.” Radical. So a dope, stunning queen is going to show up and take everything from her. She thought it was Sansa. She thought it was Margaery. But no. It’s Daenerys. (Prophecies are a bitch like that). “Valonqar” is high Valyrian for “little brother,” so Cersei always assumed it would be Tyrion. But here’s what the interwebs think:

It’s Jaime  [Probability: High]

Our money’s on Jamie, the younger twin. Maybe when Cersei goes full Aerys (never go full Aerys around the Kingslayer) and threatens to level King’s Landing with Wildfire, her shenanigans force Jamie’s golden hand. And his other hand, too. Because for strangling you usually need both. Killing his sister to save the many, perhaps sacrificing himself in the process, leaving Daenerys the queen of an ashy throne room, ready to start building it back up from scratch.

It is actually Tyrion [Probability: Low]

Hey, you know, maybe Cersei’s right? Technically, it’s not impossible. Imp possible. Sorry. 

She dies miscarrying/giving birth to a boy [Probability: Low]

If Cersei is pregnant, if she’s carrying a boy, her baby would be a little brother to her three dead children, making him a candidate for “Valonqar.” Admittedly, the wrapping of hands around her pale white throat part doesn’t really fit a newborn, so it’s not the best fit. Unless like, Sam Raimi guest directs or something. 

It’s Arya…wearing Jamie’s face [Probability: Medium]

She’s making a list. She’s checking it twice. And yep, Cersei’s still on there. It feels likely that Arya’s gonna use her party trick at least once this final season—it’s just too useful a skill to leave on the shelf—and this is definitely one of the internet’s favored theories for how she might get to use her Faceless skills, and cross a name off her list in the process. How does Jaime die in this scenario? Probably fighting the dead at Winterfell but really, anything works.

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