Exploring Nowhere: The Weird Worldbuilding of ‘Eraserhead’

David Lynch’s constructions are coherent in their craziness.
Eraserhead Chicken Scene
By  · Published on September 28th, 2017

Eraserhead is unforgettable. It’s also unforgettably weird, a trip to another dimension just off-center from our own. That uncanny creation is a David Lynch specialty that the director has forged outside of its typical homes of fantasy and sci-fi (except for Dune, which is what happens when this creation goes awry).

Lynch, in Eraserhead, shows how strange worlds exist inside our own and that “worldbuilding” is marketing tripe when our reality contains so much oddity already.

Essayist Colin Earner’s breakdown of the film and its creator draws parallels with Twin Peaks insofar as the show’s reality often dips in and out of hellish madness – yet never feels anything but complete and cohesive. Nothing in Twin Peaks or Eraserhead belongs anywhere but where it is.

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