The 50 Best Shots of 2019

The team behind One Perfect Shot presents a list of our favorite shots from the last year as 2019 comes to an end.
Rewind Best Shots Article


  • Cinematography by Hans Fromm
  • Directed by Christian Petzold
  • Production Design by Kade Gruber
  • Starring Paula Beer and Godehard Giese

Love, Death & Robots

  • Directed by Alberto Mielgo
  • Created by Tim Miller
  • Visual Effects Art by Germán Cebrián


  • Cinematography by Mike Gioulakis
  • Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
  • Production Design by Alan Lampert and Chris Trujillo


  • Cinematography by Todd Banhazl
  • Directed by Lorene Scafaria
  • Production Design by Jane Musky
  • Costume Design by Mitchell Travers
  • Starring Jennifer Lopez

Avengers: Endgame

  • Cinematography by Trent Opaloch
  • Directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
  • Production Design by Charles Wood
  • Starring Robert Downey Jr.

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