Siobhan Spera

I write about film and occasionally other stuff. Xavier Dolan enthusiast. Trying to read books before seeing their film adaptations and sometimes succeeding.
The Bachelor

America’s Addiction to ‘The Bachelor’

By Siobhan Spera 

With multiple seasons a year and a dedicated fan base that calls themselves Bachelor Nation, what makes the reality franchise such a phenomenon?

What We Do In The Shadows

The Refreshing Comeback of Ensemble Comedy

By Siobhan Spera 

After years of what seem like lackluster and tired attempts at humoring audiences, the past few years have brought us creative comedies that remind us movies can be both thoughtful and hilarious.

Pan's Labyrinth

A Guide to Magical Realism in Film

By Siobhan Spera 

From Pan’s Labyrinth to Paddington, this storytelling technique makes watching some movies just a little more extraordinary.

You Were Never Really Here

The Transformation from Novel to Arthouse Film

By Siobhan Spera 

Some of the most creative films can find their source material in a piece of literature. But what do we get out of giving these stories a unique re-telling?

The Big Sick

In Defense of the Romantic Comedy

By Siobhan Spera 

In a genre often dismissed as fluffy and lacking substance, these creative entries help to re-affirm its significance.

Lady Bird A24

The History of A24: A Timeline of the Rising Distributor

By Siobhan Spera 

Despite their young age, A24 has emerged as a voice for the value of artistic filmmaking. Here’s a breakdown of where they’ve been and where they’re headed.


The Case for Gender-Flipping Franchises

By Siobhan Spera 

Established franchises have been opting to swap out their beloved male leads for fresh female faces. But what are the benefits of telling the same story with a different gender?